Our Profile

Eng Lee Shipping has been shipping most of their cargoes to Singapore at Jurong port PSA port of Singapore since year 1990 , They have been a loyal shipping partner to Eng Lee since then.

Eng Lee Found partnerships with PT Bandar Teguh Abadi since year 1998. They owned Multi purposes Terminal located at Sungai Duku, Pekanbaru, and Meredan Jetty , the jetties provide loading/ unloading Containers services, the CY /depo storage areas can store more than 2000 Teus , they also handling General cargoes , Project cargoes , heavy lift cargoes, they owned multi purposes warehousing can store more than 10,000 MT of all type cargoes. At Meredan port their handling Bulks cargoes with full conveyer and stock piles facilities can store 150,000 MT bulks cargoes.

Eng Lee Found partnerships with PT Bandar Teguh Nusantara since year 1999, PT Bandar Teguh Nusantara has obtained as qualified Stevedores (PBM) licensee company in Indonesia , they have support most of the loading/unloading cargo within Indonesia port, PT Bandar Teguh Nusantara have serve more than 10 port as qualified stevedores included Tanjung Priok port, Marunda Centre Terminal, Tebing Tinggi port, Sungai Pakning , Pekanbaru , Jambi and Surabaya

Eng Lee Found and partnerships with PT Bandar Abadi Shipyard since year 2000. Today have successfully built and delivered total <u>378 units, and have repairs more than <u>4,350 units included Tug, barges, Tanker oil barges , SPOB , Bulk carrier Vessels , Accommodations' barge, Patrol Ships, Navy Ships, Harbour Tugs, AHTS. PT Bandar Abadi Shipyard has been closely working with various company included Sinar Mas Group, Musimas Group , ConocoPhillips , PERTAMINA, Pelindo , ASDP, PELNI, NAVY (Angkatan Laut), who have trusted PT Bandar Abadi Shipyard to built their vessels.


Founded in 1990, Eng Lee shipping Co Pte Ltd (“ELS”) have since moved into the millennium with a sound corporate visions. ELS’s trading scopes have expanded and will continue to do so as to meet the ever-changing / increasing and highly competitive shipping industry.

ELS’s philosophy is to provide quality, reliable and trusted services as well the most competitive freights in the market. With continuous customer-centric/ focus  attitude by providing quality and diversified services, ELS have successfully experienced  tremendous growths over the years; an achievement which can only be made possible through the full/ trusted  collaborations with and support/ loyalty received from our customers. ELS have since become a brand name in the industry as being one of the preferred carriers of “Choice” .

Besides sustaining her competitiveness in the market, ELS will also be striving  for continuous collaborations with and greater support from her customers and business partners; this towards her objectives, goals and growth.


Perawang port , Pekanbaru port , Buatan port, Meredan port, Dumai port, Jambi port, Tebing Tinggi port, Kuala Tungkal port, Belawan port, Palembang port , OKI port, Lampung port, Tembilahan port, Pulau Burung port, Pulau Guntung port, Bangka port, Tembilahan port, Jakarta port, Surabaya port, Irian Jaya port and many other Indonesia ports, Singapore ports, West and East Malaysian  ports (such as Lumut , Port klang , Kuching port, Pasir Gudang port),  Brunei ports, Ho Chi Minh/ Vietnam port and Thailand/ Bangkok port.


Handling General cargoes, Containerized, Bulks cargoes, Break-bulks, Project Cargoes, Heavy Lift Equipment's, Special Equipment Handling, Over-Side Loading/Unloading at Anchorage Operations, Chemical/HCL , Transhipment of Containerised Handling,  DG Cargoes, Depot Facilities, Shipyards , Shipbuilding's , Ship repairs, Jetty Owner Operators, Containers Yard Operators, Stevedoring and Supply of Wharf Labourers as well Total Logistical Support and Services such as Depot, Warehousing  and Trucking Services.


As competition continues to grow intensively in the many more years ahead, ELS foresee that higher expectations and more stringent demands from her growing regional markets.

Our proven track records, strong financial-status, sound business-acumen, customer-centric/ focus as well expertise and experience in the areas of professional management, aggressive marketing and efficient usage of financial resources and maximize talents/ human resources are enviable to and recognise by many. These will further boost ELS’s stronghold and at same time, enhance ELS’s integrity, professionalism, reliability  as a one of the reputable / prominent players in the South East Asian regions.

ELS are now ready and geared to take on these new and future challenges and expectations to a greater height.